About us

Welcome to Grahams Pure Breed Poultry


What initially started off as a dream to live off the land and a spontaneous purchase of chickens and ducks at auction in 2015, quickly turned into a small holding come Feburary 2016. We have dabbled in a variety of poultry and also some larger livestock along the way, but the Fancy was where our hearts truly lied.

In 2017 we are now a small family run business who specialise in the Pure and Rare breeds of poultry from all across the world. We keep breeds that orginate from countries such as Italy, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, France, The Netherlands and Germany. Many of our breeds, especially the Japanese are in decline within their country of Origin, such as the Jitokko, and there are a limited number of these birds here within the UK.

As for the breeds whose numbers are not in decline, such as the Ancona and the Ayam Cemani, we have had such remarkable success with these birds when taken to show.

Here are just a few of our achievements throughout 2016 & 2017:


  • Best Large ancona - November 2016 Ribble Valley Poultry Show Northwest Club Regional
  • Best Opposite Sex – November 2016 Ribble Valley Poultry Show Northwest Club Regional
  • Reserve Champion Ancona – December 2016 Federation Championship Show
  • Champion Novice Ancona - December Federation Championship Show
  • Best Adult Male – December 2016 Federation Championship Show
  • Bantams Point Cup – December 2016 Federation Championship Show
  • Best Opposite Sex Ancona – December 2016 Federation Championship Show


Ayam Cemani

  • Best of Breed non standard hard/soft feather bantam or large – September 2016 Southport & Ormskirk Bantam Society
  • Best of Breed non standard breed – December 2016 The Federation Championship Show 2016
  • Champion Rare Breed – June 2017 Bury Agricultural Show

Red Saddle Yokohama Bantam

  • Champion Juvenille - Cleveland Agricultural Show 2017
  • Champion Juvenille - Northern Championship Poultry Show 2018
  • Champion Rare Breed - The North of England Poultry Society Championship Show 2018


We have had such a fantastic response within the poultry community over the last 2 years. We have worked hard in order to obtain quality stock from other breeders across the UK and also in Europe and we persue to keep our breeds striving towards the Poultry Standards of Great Britain.

Going into 2018...

We are so overwhelmed with the response we have had since the webstore launched in 2017, it has been a whirlwind experience and we are incredibly humbled by the reaction of the poultry communtiy and from fellow fanciers. It has been a pleasure to be able to put faces to the orders when we have hand delivered items across the country when travelling to shows and auctions, such a personal touch that we think comes highly appreciated.

In the winter of 2017 we launched the first sale of live birds on the webstore and found that the service was met with high demand, it also meant that our birds also met new faces and went on to live happy lives with their new owners - some of which made it all the way to Ireland.

New for 2018 is the option to pre-order hatching eggs, only 2 months into the year and this service is proving to be popular amongst our small eclectic selection of rare & pure breed poultry. We use the pre-order method as livestock can be unpredictable as we all know. When you place your order we make contact, usually by telephone, to advise on the current laying patterns of your selected breed and to advise on when we aim to process your order. So far we have found that this personal service has been met with a respectful and personal attitude, we like to work with our customers and aim for the best service that we can provide.

On a personal level here is our current family tally: With Freya making it on to champ row a total of 4 times so far with her birds, we are very proud to say the least. Toni is still very happy and proud of her 1 time on champ row back in the summer of 2017 whereas Kris has a lot of work to do to achieve his very first champ row achievement - here's hoping 2018 is his year!