About our Tan Chau

The Tan Chau were first hatched in this country by our dear friend and breeder Jaqcui Moore back in 2016, 2 cock birds survived. Due to this pair being the only Tan Chau here in the UK, Jacqui had a decision to make with regards to breeding and the conservation of this breed in the uk. Jacqui chose to use a Black-Red Ohiki as despite the comb type there was very little difference in the make-up of the bird. Jacqui was sucsessful in her bid to create an F1 line. The Tan Chau came to Grahams Pure Breed Poultry in the Spring of 2017, in the form of hatching eggs from Jacqui Moore. We were successful in our hatch but frustratingly only females hatched. We were now also in a breeding predicament. We had our own Ohiki to select from for breeding however, we managed to aquire one of Jacqui's original cock birds for us to use over the summer. Since then we have also introduced White Ohiki to try and produce a variety of colours.

The Tan Chau are adorable characters, they are cheeky but mildly affectionate, we find them quite entertaining.

We are just one of a few breeders within the UK who are working together to conserve and improve numbers of this breed within the country, Jacqui's lines have also been exported into Holland.

Despite being relatively new to the UK, the Tan Chau have taken the poultry shows by storm in 2017 gaining with it a precedented amount of interest.

History of the Tan Chau

It is possible that the Tan Chau chicken is the result of crossbreeding between imported and domestic chicken breeds. At that time in Vietnam, the South was wild land, wild chickens thriving within these parts. Artisans in the ancient Tan Chau area may have been the first to breed the current chickens, as this breed was given the name after the breeding grounds. Their origins are related to mountainous wilderness with thick bamboo forests around. Bamboo forest is distributed around the mountain to about 6-7 acres of land and extends down to Tra Dang. It is a favorable environment for wildlife to live, especially the forest chicken.

Another theory is that the chicken imported into the South of Japan origin is Japanese Bantam. This is the ancient chicken, the king, noble Japanese favorite. They followed the traders to Vietnam, then the artisan Tan Chau hybrid breeding became famous.

They are a small but low-pitched chicken. Maximum weight 800 - 900 grams for male, 700 - 800 grams for females. They are bred purely for appearance. Tan Chau chicken short legs, smooth feathers, beautiful colors in full feather are lovely. The feet of the Tan Chau are clawed, scabbard and are easily recognizable characteristics of purebred Tan Chau breed chicken.

They must also meet the criteria of color and coat. In particular, choose bright, colorful, eye-catching stock, face and small crest, short (short), long, thick mane. Particularly long wings must be covered and they must have a long, thick, curved tail at 45 degrees.

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